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A few months after a quick marriage You get one wedding.A"Quick marriage"Would be your one and only wedding. You can get married quickly in a simple ceremony(Courthouse, church, whatever)So that you can live on base with him.Or you can wait until he done with (click here) his service/training/whatever, and have your ideal wedding.But you getOne wedding.One.Not two because you can make up your mind. PickOne option and then be an adult and stand behind your choice.Life is about compromise and sacrifice, not getting every single thing you want. Plus, once you married at a courthouse or whatever, you cannot get married again.A church will not perform a wedding ceremony for an alreadymarried couple, and neither will a civil officiant. You seem confused about what a"Real wedding"Is.Valid in law) or itIs not any wedding at all, just a Mother of the Bride Dresses UK pretence. The same couple cannot get married twice, unless they got divorced after the first wedding then got married again. By wedding do you mean a big celebration?You certainly could have a lowkey wedding then hold a delayed big wedding reception(Party)Weeks or months later.There is no rule saying that the the wedding and the reception have (more dresses here) to be on the same day. Wow.What a bunch of opinionated b when you sign that bit of paper at the courthouse/registry office.You are married.If you want to have a wedding then do it.Have a friend be the officiant.Have a humanist minister.I can understand why any member of any church wouldn be delighted to bless your union. If the big dress and party is important to you then do it when you have the time and money to achieve what you want to celebrate your love with your friends and family but getting married is more important to you right now so get those legalities signed now. Make sure you know what you signing up for.Military life is hard.Not just for him. So, what you saying is.Anyone who went to the courthouse didn have a"Real wedding? "That slightly offensive to those that went that route.Considering that the only point of a wedding is to become married, a courthouse wedding is no less of a real thing than a $100k blowout. But to answer your question, no, you can do this.You get one wedding per couple, no more.So, you can either do the courthouse wedding,(Which is a real wedding, by the way)And have a celebration of your marriage at a later date, or you can just wait and have the wedding you want later.I would just wait and have the wedding you want.It silly to rush into marriage simply because you can wait 14 weeks. Dear clueless one, Getting married"Quickly" (By that i assume you mean at the court house)Is a"Real wedding".A wedding, by definition, is any legal ceremony that turns two single people into a married couple.A quick court house wedding does that the same way a big lavish church wedding does.So no, you can have a second wedding after you already been married.That second"Event" (For want of a better word)Wouldn be a wedding, it would be a dressup party.You won get any celebrant to participate in a fraudulant nonwedding and officiate at a fake redo that wasn actually a wedding. I think it time to put on your big girl panties and make a decision.What is more important to you?Getting married soon so you can live on base with your boyfriend?Or having the princess wedding you always dreamed about?Whatever you decide, that what you stuck with.

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